What People Are Saying

"Wolf of Wall Street puts on slick show in Sandton"


- Adele Shevel

"How 'The Wolf of Wall Street' Helped Me Increase My Sales by 50 Percent"


- Stephen Key


"My name is Juliana Gim, and I’m the managing director of a multi-national company and have been in the logistics industry for 25 years. I’ve attended more courses than I care to remember, both in management and sales, and Jordan’s Straight Line training ranks at the very top in delivering financial results. I walked away with immediate and practical solutions that I could apply in my own business and also transfer to my team. Within 6 months, we saw our revenue grow by a staggering 25%. Jordan, you have inspired me to push beyond my doubts and discover possibilities I never knew existed. Your ability to share your wisdom and experiences with the Straight Line Persuasion System is simply amazing. Thanks, Jordan! " - Juliana Gim




"Jordan Belfort is the real deal. The Straight Line System is absolutely unbelievable. What I learned from him in terms of how to maximize profits has completely changed how I do business. I couldn’t speak highly enough of Jordan or his materials. You’re in good hands with Jordan Belfort."  - Frank Kern




Jordan's ability to train and motivate salespeople at all levels of expertise is second to none. In March of 2011, he spent 1 full day training Amcon's sales staff in the Straight Line System, and the results were incredible. Sales increased by 26% the following month and have continued to rise ever since. The changes were both immediate and lasting, and the sense of teamwork among our sales staff has never been stronger. There is no other sales training out there in the same league as this. "  - Tony Grist - Chairman of Amcom




“With his energy and direct presentation techniques, Jordan enables me to clear the fog of ideas and goals that I have and enabled me to crystallize my vision going forward. ”

Chris Fydler – Business Owner, Olympic Gold Medallist Sydney, Australia




“Jordan is one of the most engaging and motivating speakers in the world today. His life experiences are truly amazing, and what he teaches about selling with the Straight Line System is simply world class. If you desire to be at the top of your game as a salesperson, don’t miss this! ”  - Craig Scoogie – CEO – NextDC




“My husband and I attended Jordan’s boot camp in July 2010, and we began implementing his sales and marketing strategies straight away. Our customer conversion rate went up over 100% almost immediately, as did the size of our average sale. After this I was so impressed with the results that I went out and trained another plumbing company in Sydney to do the same (for a fee!), and their gross profits after my training also increased 100%. So we’ve now had two massive successes with the Straight Line System! Jordan, thanks for everything that you have helped us with. The Straight Line System has made a huge difference in our business and we thank and appreciate you very much ” - Darryl and Tanya Simon – TDS Plumbing, Melbourne




I first came across Jordan Belfort when I attended one of his executive boot camps and was blown away with his teachings. I was then able to get Jordan to spend half a day with my key sales team and he provided one of the most amazing key notes that I have ever seen. My staff were incredibly inspired and this resulted in an immediate uplift in sales and has continued to provide a positive reference point. It was with out doubt the most beneficial session that my staff have benefited from. ” - David Cramond – Managing Director of Harvey Norman Australia


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